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653“I AM” Adorations and Affirmations Vol 5 Part Ithrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
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47921 Essential Lesson Vol 1Compiled from the Teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom” by Werner SchroederDownload
48121 Essential Lessons Vol 2Compiled from the Teachings of the “Bridge to Freedom” by Werner SchroederDownload
489A Child’s Book of PrayersThe New Age Church of The Christ PublicationDownload
545A Compilation of Exercises from Seth and Jane RobertsJane RobertsDownload
475A Course In MiraclesWorkbook For StudentsDownload
501A Course In MiraclesThe Original Complete Unedited Manuscript VOLUME 1: Text & Special MessagesDownload
503A Course In MiraclesWorkbook for Students Part 1 – Lessons 1 – 220Download
505A Course In MiraclesWorkbook for Students Part 2 – Lessons 21 – 365Download
792A History of the New Thought MovementBy Horatio DresserDownload
483A Search For God Book 1Book 1 By Edgar CayceDownload
485A Search for God Book 2Book 2 By Edgar CayceDownload
491A Story of St. Germain’s Violet FireFirst Booklet in a Series of Publications for the Children of the New AgeDownload
517A Talk on Christian HealingBy Charles FillmoreDownload
581About Lemura and Telosby Aurelia Louise JonesDownload
777Above Life’s TurmoilBy James AllenDownload
577Acres of Diamondsby Russell H. ConwellDownload
497All Power To YouBy Robert BitzerDownload
794All Power to YouBy Robert BitzerDownload
726All These Things addedBy James AllenDownload
579As a Man Thinkethby James AllenDownload
651Ascended Master Discourses Vol 6 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
654Ascended Master Instruction Vol 4 -Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
796Attaining Your DesiresBy Genevieve BehrendDownload
595Be Wise As Serpentsby Fritz SpringmeierDownload
719Beyond BrandeurBy William Dudley PelleyDownload
831Beyond The Five SensesBy L Margery BazettDownload
473Book II “Practical Information From Angels”An excerpt from Bedtime Stories from Angels to a Lonely Child By Daniel Raphael, Ph.D. …Download
774Book of Knowledge-Keys of Enochby J. J. HurtakDownload
800Cancer Can Be Cured!By Father Romano Zago, OFMDownload
569Christ In YouBy Joseph S. BennerDownload
515Christian Healingby Charles FillmoreDownload
834Conversations With GodBy Neale Donald WalschDownload
729From Passion to PeaceBy James AllenDownload
499God Will Work With YouBy Lao RussellDownload
780I AM Decree Booklet 1St. Germain FoundationDownload
786I AM Decree Booklets 2St. Germain FoundationDownload
787I AM Decree Booklets 3St. Germain FoundationDownload
788I AM Decree Booklets 4St. Germain FoundationDownload
789I AM Decree Booklets 5St. Germain FoundationDownload
648I AM Discourses Vol 9 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
770I Speak To You Again -Jesus ChristRevelation by Jesus ChristDownload
735James Allen Complete WorksJames AllenDownload
733James Allen TrilogyAbove Life’s Turmoil The Path to Prosperity The Mastery of DestinyDownload
721King James BibleThe King James Version of The Bible 2001Download
552La Vida Impersonalpor Joseph S. BennerDownload
487Make a Joyful Song to The LordA children’s songbook – First Ed. 1977Download
737Man. King of Mind and CircumstanceBy James AllenDownload
592Manual of Ascension of Adama – Telos Vol 3by Aurelia Louise JonesDownload
650Master Light- Saint Germain Series Vol 7through Godfré Ray KingDownload
740Master of DestinyBy James AllenDownload
708Metafisica 4 en 1 Vol. 1By Conny MendezDownload
710Metafisica 4 en 1 Vol. 2By Conny MendezDownload
507Mind‑Power The Secret of Mental Magic (1912)By William Walker AtkinsonDownload
660Mojandote Los Pies en Ciencia de la MenteBy Cara LumenDownload
513Morning and Evening Thoughts & Book of MeditationsBy James Allen: 2 booksDownload
546OAHSPE: A New BibleBy JOHN BALLOUDownload
549OAHSPE: Standard EditionBy JOHN BALLOUDownload
836Our Universal SelfBy Robert Najemy – A commentaryDownload
593Project: World Evacuation -The ASHTAR Commandthrough TuellaDownload
644Saint Germain – Master AlchemistBy Elizabeth Clare ProphetDownload
659Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy Vol 1by David Christopher Lewis  Download
598Saint Germain on Alchemythrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
544Seth Exercises CompilationBy Jane RobertsDownload
541Seth Quotes and Exercisesby Jane RobertsDownload
539Seth Speaks The Eternal Validity of the SoulA Seth Book By Jane RobertsDownload
476Seven Roots or Something Like ThatOne booklet in a series of publications for the children of the new ageDownload
570Statement of BeingBy Joseph S. BennerDownload
588TELOS 1by Aurelia Louise JonesDownload
589TELOS IIby Aurelia Louise JonesDownload
712The Aquarian Gospel of Jesusby Levi H. DowlingDownload
590The Ascension Flame of Purification and Immortalityby Aurelia Louise JonesDownload
772The Book of the Secrets of Enoch -1896Translated by W. R. MORFI LL, M. A.Download
742The Divine CompanionBy James AllenDownload
543The Early SessionsBook 5 of The Seth Material SESSIONS 199-239Download
807The Golden Scripts Ch. 184-257By William Dudley PelleyDownload
805The Golden Scripts Chapter 63-117By William Dudley PelleyDownload
803The Golden Scripts Chpt 1-62By William Dudley PelleyDownload
809The Great Gospel of John Vol 1By Jacob LorberDownload
828The Great Gospel of John Vol 10By Jacob LorberDownload
811The Great Gospel of John Vol 2By Jacob LorberDownload
813The Great Gospel of John Vol 3By Jacob LorberDownload
822The Great Gospel of John Vol 4By Jacob LorberDownload
823The Great Gospel of John Vol 5By Jacob LorberDownload
824The Great Gospel of John Vol 6By Jacob LorberDownload
825The Great Gospel of John Vol 7By Jacob LorberDownload
826The Great Gospel of John Vol 8By Jacob LorberDownload
827The Great Gospel of John Vol 9By Jacob LorberDownload
647The I AM Discourses Vol 10 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
645The I AM Discourses Vol 11 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
655The I AM Discourses Vol 3 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
649The I AM Discourses Vol 8 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
550The Impersonal Lifeby Joseph S. BennerDownload
538The INDIVIDUAL and the NATURE of MASS EVENTSA Seth Book by Jane RobertsDownload
829The Kingdom of God is Within YouBy Leo TolstoyDownload
511The Magic In Your MindBy U. S. AndersenDownload
656The Magic Presence – Vol 2 – Saint Germainthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
528The Nature of Personal RealityA Seth Book by Jane RobertsDownload
523The Sacred Hill Withinby Little CrowDownload
542The Seth Books An AnthologyThe Seth Books by Jane RobertsDownload
591The Seven Sacred Flamesby Aurelia Louise JonesDownload
554The Teacherby Joseph S. BennerDownload
519The Terra Papers – Part 1 & 2By Robert Morning SkyDownload
521The Terra Papers Part 1By Robert Morning SkyDownload
525The Thirteenth TribeBy Arthur KoestlerDownload
464The Urantia BookUrantia Papers 1955 Public Domain ver.Download
459The Urantia BookSquare Circles Publishing Footnoted Edition Copyright © 2012Download
467The Urantia BookThe Urantia Book Fellowship Study EditionDownload
470The Urantia BookUrantia Foundation Standardized Reference Text 1955 editionDownload
574The Way BeyondBy Joseph S. BennerDownload
731The Way of PeaceJames AllenDownload
573The Way OutBy Joseph S. BennerDownload
572The Way to The KingdomBy Joseph S. BennerDownload
575Thinking In The Heart or Lessons In RealizationBy Kate Atkinson BoehmeDownload
790Three Days in the Temple of Jerusalem -1st Ed.By Jacob LorberDownload
724Through the Gates of Good or Christ and ConductBy James AllenDownload
509Trinity Teacher Uteah MessagesBy Chris Maurus (11:11 Group)Download
714Undying MindBy William Dudley PelleyDownload
657Unveiled Mysteriesthrough Godfré Ray KingDownload
798Unveiled Mysteries Vol 1by Guy Ballard ( Godfre Ray King)Download
571WealthBy Joseph S. BennerDownload
716Why I Believe the Dead Are AliveBy William Dudley PelleyDownload