Where Are You Looking?

Where Are You Looking? Heavenletter #1381 Published on: August 29, 2004 Where Are You Looking? | Heavenletters God said: Discouragement is not honorable. There is no value in it. Dwelling on the downside of life is not commendable. Anyone can do that. It is done all the time. The newspapers do it every day. No … Read more

The Urge for Self-Expression

The Urge for Self-Expression By The Beloved/TA Received by Lytske 6/6/2006 The Urge for Self-Expression The Beloved: “A receptive heart, soul and mind, are the requirement for you to increasingly realize the blessings of the eternal Creator. To increase your openness to My guidance, you need to become more aware of any selfish thoughts that … Read more

Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, on Growth

Source: http://www.urantija.lt/en/books/view/754 Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, on Growth 2006 01 10 13.55 Question: My beloved Father, I do desire to know more about our growth. What and when must be considered our growth? Some people speculate that growth is only one’s spiritual change, others speak about a bigger accumulation of different knowledge and experience in different … Read more

“Already Within”

Alabama, US of A, December 17, 2013. Teacher: Thought Adjuster. Subject: “Already Within” Message received by Oscar. Thought Adjuster: “The most interesting and inspiring thing about the life of Jesus is not its most spectacular events. His life is not great because of the glory he gained in the eyes of his contemporaries, nor because of … Read more

“The Peace That Passes All Misunderstanding.”

Oregon, USA, February 4, 2021. Thought Adjuster. Subject: “The Peace That Passes All Misunderstanding.” Message received by Anyas Thought Adjuster: “Self-restraint is the master key — and was the Master’s key — toward a positive approach to conflicts. Operating from such a state of heightened consciousness, Jesus succeeded in disabling a vast range of toxic emotional … Read more