The Importance of Surrender to Divine Timing

Seraphin Message 464:THE IMPORTANCE OF SURRENDER TO DIVINE TIMING Through Rosie, 2nd October 2021 As an addendum to the previous message on surrender, we would like to further address an important aspect which has not yet been covered enough, and this is the concept of DIVINE TIMING. It is actually not a concept at all. IT … Read more

The Importance of Surrender

Seraphin Message 463:THE IMPORTANCE OF SURRENDER Through Rosie, 30th September 2021 It is time to pay very careful attention, beloved Inhabitants of Earth. We have often said that your world will turn “upside down”, and thus it goes without saying that the various concepts you cherish, as well as various usages of diverse terms which … Read more


Alabama, US of A, October 15, 2013.Teacher: Thought Adjuster.Subject: “Imagine.” Message received by Oscar. Thought Adjuster: “Imagine being a person that is the purest, the sincerest, the bravest, and the most dedicated to living the will of the Father. Imagine living a life like the life of Jesus, with His attitude of facing the challenges of … Read more

“Many Shall Be the Blessings.”

Urantia, May 18, 2021.Teacher: The Beloved.Subject: “Many Shall Be the Blessings.” Message Received from Lytske. The Beloved: “Enjoy the Silence with Me. It is the reward for those who persist in seeking Me, and when they find Me, they too shall experience this incredible peace that is a balm for the soul, which so much calms … Read more

It’s in the DNA!

It’s in the DNA! By Lee Carroll LIVE KRYON CHANNELING This live channeling was Given in Kelowna, BC, CanadaJune 28, 2008 To help the reader, this channeling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide an even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a … Read more

Hold onto Me

Urantia. January 3, 2021. Teacher: The Beloved. Subject: “Hold onto Me.” Message received by Lytske. The Beloved: “Dear one, pour your heart out to Me in the Silence, for I am always listening to your pleas. My answers reverberate throughout your soul, but they are yet too faint to be picked up by your ‘inner ears’. … Read more

Become Aware of My Nearness

Urantia, April 4, 2021. Teacher: The Beloved. Subject: “Become Aware of My Nearness.” Message received by Lytske. The Beloved: “My child, draw near to Me, so the cravings of your soul shall be satisfied. You need to come to Me first to become aware of My nearness. “I know your innermost feelings, your struggles, your … Read more