God The Urantia Book: Foreword, Section 2 Listen to Audio Here: Source 0:2.1  Evolving mortal creatures experience an irresistible urge to symbolize their finite concepts of God. Man’s consciousness of moral duty and his spiritual idealism represent a value level—an experiential reality—which is difficult of symbolization. 0:2.2  Cosmic consciousness implies the recognition of a First … Read more


Original Seraphin Message 504: THE END OF THE LINE AND THE SILVER LINING Through Rosie, 22nd September 2022 Dearly Beloveds on earth who are going through all sorts of turmoil, whether “outer” or “inner”, and as you might surmise, these are intimately related and cannot be disconnected from each other. It is impossible to say, therefore, … Read more

Mental Illness and The Silence That Screams

Seraphin Message 502: MENTAL ILLNESS AND THE SILENCE THAT SCREAMS Through Rosie, 1st September 2022 Those who read these messages are necessarily those with enquiring minds, who thirst to know more precisely because they are intensely aware of the fact that there are gaps in their knowledge which would, if filled, provide them with a clear … Read more

“Already Within”

Alabama, US of A, December 17, 2013. Teacher: Thought Adjuster. Subject: “Already Within” Message received by Oscar. Thought Adjuster: “The most interesting and inspiring thing about the life of Jesus is not its most spectacular events. His life is not great because of the glory he gained in the eyes of his contemporaries, nor because of … Read more

“The Peace That Passes All Misunderstanding.”

Oregon, USA, February 4, 2021. Thought Adjuster. Subject: “The Peace That Passes All Misunderstanding.” Message received by Anyas Thought Adjuster: “Self-restraint is the master key — and was the Master’s key — toward a positive approach to conflicts. Operating from such a state of heightened consciousness, Jesus succeeded in disabling a vast range of toxic emotional … Read more


Seraphin Message 498: PATIENCE AS A PREREQUISITE FOR STANDSTILL AND BEYOND Through Rosie, 18th July 2022 Patience, beloved impatient colleagues of mine, is a vastly underestimated achievement, especially if continually practiced, yet it is this that you must master. To plunge ahead in a cloud of euphoria or a burst of anger which is not … Read more


Seraphin Message 494: THE LAWS NOT YET TAUGHT Through Rosie, 30th May 2022 Dear Inhabitants of Earth who – by implementing your own standards and using your own capabilities – have erected a judicial structure which aims – on the surface of things at least – to “uphold law and order” and “keep the peace”. Peace … Read more

Finish It With Love

Finish It With Love May 24, 2022 As you continue to grow, you may find yourself triggered by things you thought you had cleared or gotten over.  The emotions may feel as real and raw as they did when the experience first occurred.  Do not be dismayed at this, my child.  It is important to move … Read more

The Infinity of God

THE INFINITY OF GOD -The Urantia Papers “Touching the Infinite, we cannot find him out. The divine footsteps are not known.” “His understanding is infinite and his greatness is unsearchable.” The blinding light of the Father’s presence is such that to his lowly creatures he apparently “dwells in the thick darkness.” Not only are his … Read more