The First Source and Center

The First Source and Center   Listen to audio:  Here The Urantia Book: Foreword, Section 3 0:3.1  Total, infinite reality is existential in seven phases and as seven co-ordinate Absolutes: The First Source and Center. The Second Source and Center. The Third Source and Center. The Isle of Paradise. The Deity Absolute. The Universal Absolute. The … Read more


God The Urantia Book: Foreword, Section 2 Listen to Audio Here: Source 0:2.1  Evolving mortal creatures experience an irresistible urge to symbolize their finite concepts of God. Man’s consciousness of moral duty and his spiritual idealism represent a value level—an experiential reality—which is difficult of symbolization. 0:2.2  Cosmic consciousness implies the recognition of a First … Read more

Urantia Book: Thoughts to Ponder

Kan Daek/Mother Maggie: This is perhaps the Greatest Thought to ponder in the UB… and also the greatest teaching of Christ Jesus. [link to (secure)] 155:6.3 (1731.1) I have called upon you to be born again, to be born of the spirit. I have called you out of the darkness of authority and the … Read more

The Infinity of God

THE INFINITY OF GOD -The Urantia Papers “Touching the Infinite, we cannot find him out. The divine footsteps are not known.” “His understanding is infinite and his greatness is unsearchable.” The blinding light of the Father’s presence is such that to his lowly creatures he apparently “dwells in the thick darkness.” Not only are his … Read more

The Importance of Surrender

Seraphin Message 463:THE IMPORTANCE OF SURRENDER Through Rosie, 30th September 2021 It is time to pay very careful attention, beloved Inhabitants of Earth. We have often said that your world will turn “upside down”, and thus it goes without saying that the various concepts you cherish, as well as various usages of diverse terms which … Read more

OAHSPE: The Evolution Of Men

OAHSPE Practical Guidebook to the Spiritual Life Standard Edition In Modern American Language OAHSPE: The Evolution Of Men Download OAHSPE 02/1.1. After the creation of man, the Creator, Jehovih, said to him: So that you shall know you are the work of My hand, I have given you capacity for knowledge, power and dominion.  This … Read more