Seraphin Message 535: THE CASE FOR NOTHING

Seraphin Message 535: THE CASE FOR NOTHING

Through Rosie, 9th August 2023


There is no way, Beloveds, that ANYONE is going to escape the feeling of being completely overwhelmed and completely “out of their depth”. You may recall, if you are somewhat older, severely difficult experiences such as the death of a parent or the stress of leaving something else you love behind. When you receive such news, and when the reality of it truly “sinks in”, it is as if time has stopped and you are often incapable of doing anything.

For many, crying is also something which does not come easily, although it is also part of the healing process. There are those who manage to pull themselves together but who do not truly manage anymore because they have not taken part fully enough in the grieving process.

So, what will you do, Beloveds, when the world grinds to a halt? Will you rail against the injustice of it with all your might? Will you sink into fear and kill yourself? (and yes, death through fear is possible).

Will you recognize this standstill as the result of the


Will you recognize that those who



You will lose many people, Beloveds. You may have suspected beforehand who would survive the sorting process, and who would not survive it. But believe me, your picture is incomplete and you can never actually know the destiny of any one soul, the saddest thing being the MOST PEOPLE ON EARTH HAVE NO INKLING THEMSELVES THAT THEY HAVE A TASK OR DESTINY, LET ALONE MANIFEST THEIR VISIONS FOR OTHERS TO SEE.

Thus, you will inevitably be bereft of many familiar faces. Add to this, many familiar places, for the face of the earth will also change. Comfortable and known procedures, customary habits and customary ways of behavior WILL ALL HAVE TO CHANGE SO THAT THIS DREADFUL SCENARIO WILL NEVER AGAIN ARISE.

You may ask: “What will remain?”, and we will reply “the wind blowing through your hair, the sun shining on your face, and your positive mind-set”. And yes, you have a positive mind-set – otherwise you would not have been able to progress so far.

You may ask: “What will be new?” and now we get to the exciting part: new knowledge, new technologies, new freedoms, new opportunities, new insights and new cosmic sisters and brothers.

The most important insight will be that you are unswervingly on a spiritual path, and that this path is NOTHING LIKE THE ONE YOU WERE FOLLOWING PREVIOUSLY. And this is where the title of this piece comes in: it is best to take NOTHING with you so that you can progress at ease. To pack large and cumbersome suitcases full of possessions, convictions and memories is to drag yourself down.

This may seem very radical to you, but this is an occasion where you will have to look at EVERY SMALL DETAIL and decide whether it serves the new divine plan or not. If you do so, you will conclude that VERY LITTLE is suitable for continuation. There is no room for compromise in this, for if every individual on earth compromises, the damage is done and you will again veer off on an insalubrious tangent towards global depravation.

Yes, global depravation is what you will see with your very own eyes, and you will not be able to believe the depths to which your fellow humans have sunk. You will also “sink into the ground” when you realise how you personally have allowed this to come to pass, if only in that you did NOT QUESTION ENOUGH.

New times are rolling on, Beloveds, and one day they will strike you hard with all their might. Be ready. Seraphin



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