Where Are You Looking?

Where Are You Looking?

Heavenletter #1381 Published on: August 29, 2004

Where Are You Looking? | Heavenletters

God said:

Discouragement is not honorable. There is no value in it. Dwelling on the downside of life is not commendable. Anyone can do that. It is done all the time. The newspapers do it every day. No one has to prove that life as it is experienced in the world has its flaws. It has already been proven in all the history books. The question is: Does the world have to stay flawed? Must the hurts and injustice be infinite? Must they be perpetuated? Even if everyone is sure that grievous flaws always were and will always be, what profit is there in thinking that? How much does that thinking profit mankind?

Better to think that the cruelties and injustice have an end. And when you can accept that that thought is possible, you will think: What can be done to end what is unjust? Not what someone else must do, but what you, seemingly powerless you, can do.

First of all, desist from pointing a finger at the inadequacies. Whatever you point to, all eyes follow, do they not? Consider your thoughts expressed in words as arrows that hit what they are aimed at. What target are you aimed at? Where do you want the attention of the world to go? What do you personally want to emphasize? Would you prefer to commiserate than to turn your thoughts in another direction, one higher, one you aspire to, one not so common?

Is there not a greater reality than what the world proposes? Are only the negative and downturns in life real? Does not beauty and wonder also exist? If one can tango, cannot one also waltz? Do all possibilities exist or only some? If you can love in one circumstance, can you not in another?

What seeds do your thoughts cast?

The world has been faulty due to faulty thinking. If present thinking is faulty, how can the same thinking undo the fault?

If meanness can be proved, cannot greatness also? Isn’t there also proof of great love in the world? Have you not seen it? Great love is not rare. Love is as common as tragic events. Love is more common. It just is not as advertised.

In your town today, there are hundreds and thousands of kindnesses unreported, perhaps unnoticed. Kindnesses are not little things, but they just aren’t newsworthy unless by some miracle.

Starting today, be a noticer of kindness. Begin to see the signs of love in the world and point them out. Most of all, point them out to yourself. Raise your own spirits, and then you will raise others’. That is how you raise the world. Do you agree that the consciousness of world needs raising? Well, then, do it.

Propagate kindness. Help others to transfer their thoughts from the woes of the world to the magnificent.

I am waiting for you to help in a new campaign of love. This is a campaign that fights nothing, for fighting doesn’t do much good. This is a campaign that dares to offer love and understanding in the midst of illusion. This is very brave of you to go against the seeming tide. Everyone nods when you point out distress and may be puzzled when you don’t. At the very least, My beautiful children, do not support the negative. Do not acquiesce to it. Don’t go along with it. Don’t pretend you do. Do not cluck your tongue and affirm what dreadful things have happened. Dreadful occurrences do not need your support.

Love does. I do.

You don’t need to tear down negativity. You just need to turn in a different direction. As you turn to the greater possibilities in life, you manifest them. It is that simple.

And even if you do not see their manifestation, what else is there for you to do but to turn in a different direction, one more like where I am looking?