Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, about Father’s Love

Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, about Father’s Love


     A.: Yes, this light is me. You are watching me at the forefront of your brain. This light is radiating, it’s warming, and it’s being seen by other spirits. This light is like a message to the spirit of my presence within the mind of the mortal. I am that light. It is pulsating love. And that is my love. And this love is being felt thru your mind. And this love is being shared with others by your mind. And this love is being felt by the minds of other spirits and souls. Without mind you cannot exist as a personality. Because personality has one of its characteristics – mind.

     I am light. But I am more than light. This light is only a manifestation to others to notice me. But I am not the light. I am the spirit. And it transcends light. Light is a physical manifestation of spirit.

     Calm down your mind.. Your mind is too wandering. Feel at ease. Relax. Feel, sense me. I am within you. I am caressing you. I am bathing you within my rays, within my light. You are all within me. I am within you. But it is a distorted picture because you are within me, all the creation is within me. Nothing is outside me. Nothing can ever be outside me. I am all-embracing. I am all-sharing my love. And I am for you. And I have no other choice but to live for you existentially. This is my plan to perfect the creation into the eternal development. This is my creation, and my purpose to perfect it up to the eternity. And you are to participate in this plan as well. You are to be perfected and perfect others. You are the one to understand me in the eternal future time as has been envisaged by my plan. It’s a long way to go. A long way to proceed. But not a single step, no matter how small, is a waste of time. If you analyze the step made, and see in this process of making this step itself my  will and thru this will you are becoming more matured, you are becoming like I AM. And I AM the one who is controlling all the creation by free will because I bestowed free will to all creation. And this is the best control of the creation thru a free will. This is a pulsating, a loving creation. It’s filled up with my love. Once it is discovered by the creation it becomes my own. I do want to tame the creation so that the creation would expand, expand by itself using my original? patterns, using my motives, just to play, to play a game of love and free will. Love and free will. We should anticipate bigger developments. But no matter how big they might be they are all based on my love. I do not make a single step without permeating this step with my love. For my love is that composes my self. And I AM the one to share it with the creation.

     I do desire to reach every single heart. And touch the heart with what I am sending to it. And this is my love pulsating within each heart, within each individual. And I am doing my best to awaken this heart so that the heart would become the part and parcel of me. Part and parcel of I AM. For I AM is my self. I AM is me. Your Father and the Father of all. I want to be understood by all of you thru the feelings and fair deeds based on this feeling of love. I do desire that each one of you would grow up, would grow up into a whole stature of a grown-up person from the mortal point of view. But I am not satisfied with this type of growth. I do desire to extend that growth beyond the mortal flesh. That’s why I invite you to look up at me. Within yourselves. And discover me within your heart. There is some living part within you that is moving you towards goodness, towards service. Discover it. Don’t allow it to go stale undiscovered. Move it. Move it from within. Warm it up with your love. Raise it. Raise it with your love. Purify it. Purify it with your deeds. Deeds in everyday lives. Deeds whenever you make a step towards the unknown. Whenever you are uncertain look at me, and feel that I am in you. Feel that I am around you. Feel that you are within me. And don’t be scared. Don’t be afraid. Forget fear. Forget scare. Forget everything that troubles you, that worries you for I AM the one to wash off all scares. I AM the one to bathe you in my ocean of love, in my ocean of action. Don’t be resistant. Don’t be stubborn and blind. Open your heart and you will realize I am the truth. I am the truth to be followed by each of you. By all the creation. For there is no other truth but mine. There is no other path for eternity but mine. There is no other word of service but mine. Trust me. I do require just one thing that you’re capable of doing – discover me within you and you will feel me, and you will lose your fear. Share your love with others to understand that this love is like perpetum mobile. It is inspiring others. No matter how hard it is to share it take it to others in your daily situations. And do it with vigor and desire to serve others because they are all my children. I love them all like I love you. But do have it in mind I do not show any preferences, I do not discriminate anybody. I do not love anybody more than others. I am the Father of all. I am yours equally as the one of the others. You must understand this very simple thing that love is abundant and it is enough of love no matter how many of you would require for it I’ll pour out even too much of abundance of love. I want you to be soaked with it. I want you to be drowned in it for thru this drowning you will be resurrected, for in this ocean there are no victims, for this ocean is a living one. And to secure your life you must get soaked with this living ocean of love. And this is my promise. Trust me.

     Share my message for it is the message not only to you but to all my children. This concerns each one of you. No matter how old you are. No matter where you live. No matter what you do. This is a living message for you. For each of you. You must multiply it and share it with others. For I do want to reach each of you. My purpose is to revitalize you from the material to the spiritual, from the very bottom to the very top. And I’ll do it. I’ll do it. I love each of you. And I do want to speak about my love for each of you. Even though it might sound to you like it is one and the same thing. But this is the fulcrum of the creation because I based the whole creation on my love. Never be ashamed of my love. Never be ashamed to share it with others. Never be scared of receiving love from others. Never be too timid to go at least the smallest step towards love because love grows you up. Love takes you to others. Love unites you. Love makes a family. Love immortalizes you. Love eternalizes you. Love connects you with me. Love is the only significant means by which you may feel the burning flame and light and being not burnt. Bathe in my love. Be with my love. Feel my love. I am all love myself. And I base all my activity on love.

     Your connection with me is normalizing your life. You have been leading a life for many many years separate from me. You did not hear my messages. You did not feel me, present within you. And all thru silence practice you began to establish two-way communion with me. You’ve been praying, you’ve been sincerely expressing your vibrations out of your sincere heart but there were very scarce moments when you did manage to hear me. And when you did hear me you were not certain that it was me. Sometimes you were ascribing these messages to the Seraphim, to Jesus. Even though they were also present with you. Now you have discovered that the silence is the process when you can hear my messages. And everyone can here my messages because I am down pouring them incessantly every single second. Everybody is bombarded with my messages all throughout the creation. And I am sending these messages just with one single aim to uphold the creature, to raise him to a higher position than he is currently at the moment. I have just one single aim to help him, to lead him. And this leading is for the benefit of that creature. Even though he does not listen to me, even though he does not hear me. But I am bombarding him with messages all the same. And I know that my bombardment will reach every single creature with time, with the maturity of this person, with the spiritual growth of that person. No matter how long time it might take me to reach his heart I will be doing this eternally. And you will be used as my sons to join this plan of mine. And you will be taking my messages to others who will be less developed and less mature. And you will be the ones to serve the creation with my missions.

     You are undergoing a very preliminary training. You are making the very first steps in your growth. But this growth will continue forever. But be certain you will never be tired of this growth, but you will feel more satisfaction and pleasure. The more you open your heart the more pleasure you will receive in serving others, in sharing yourselves with others because I am sharing myself with the creation. And with you. And I’ll be , I’ll be your guide and you destiny. You will be mine forever. But equally I will become yours forever. And this link will be established thru mutual relationship based on my love.  

Source: http://www.urantija.lt/en/books/view/756