Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, on Growth

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Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster, on Growth

2006 01 10 13.55

Question: My beloved Father, I do desire to know more about our growth. What and when must be considered our growth? Some people speculate that growth is only one’s spiritual change, others speak about a bigger accumulation of different knowledge and experience in different fields of activity? Is there any chance of defining this by some general notion of growth so that we would know much better which way to go?

My beloved son, your growth is not what you understand by this human word of growth but in My meaning of the word, in the meaning that I attribute to all creation and every creature. One’s growth is one’s becoming more and more like Me, in one’s eternal service to Me and the creation, and ultimately to oneself.

Thus, growth does not imply segmentation of your own selves into separate parts, one of which would mean that it has been filled up with knowledge, another, with mercy, a third one, with truth, and ultimately, the last one, overlapped with some love. If you begin to segment yourselves and develop each segment separately you shall lose the inter-links and, by this breaking off the links of each of the segments with the whole system, you shall lose a normal operation of that system, that growth of the system.

That is why you must not care for separate segments of your own selves but rather get into a living communion with Me by establishing this living relationship with Me thru your Thought Adjusters.

And this one act is suffice to grow your personality out of the above mentioned separate segments that make up the character of that personality.

You must always keep in mind that I am the Source and Center of the Whole and being the Whole I may fragmentize into smaller parts. Exactly is the case with your growth. Your personality is my gift to you as the whole. But this whole is also fragmented into separate qualities of its character. You must be born as a real personality at first to develop the segmented qualities of your character. And your birth of the spirit is my second gift to you.

The first gift I bestowed upon your biological manifestation of my personality gift in this material environment on Urantia so that you might start searching for Me at will. But a much grander gift I bestow upon each of you individually once you outgrow your biological personality manifestation by taking-in my second gift, a real manifestation of your true personality after you are born of the spirit. It is now that you may begin to segment yourself into separate traits of the character of your spiritual personality – truth seeking, love expressing, mercy sharing, goodness creating, and beauty receiving. Once you are born as the WHOLE you may also fragmentize like Me.

I fragmentize by sharing Myself and you fragmentize in the love, truth, mercy, and goodness sharing with your brethren and the creation. By this WE are alike. And once you are a spiritual personality you can do similar things to My spiritual personality as well since I am the Source of ALL spiritual things.

And this is your growth that equals My growth in experience with each of you.

You cannot grow by doing anything that I would never do. Thus your growth comprises your only such deeds that reflect My deeds on your own personal horizon while your personal deeds also reflect on the horizon of the whole creation.

Question: My beloved Father, but we say that we grow while we accumulate more information, more knowledge, more experience, including the bad one, then how could we be certain that this or that experience might impede our growth, that it might be the one that our growth can do without? We are not as bookkeepers to register this experience is good for us and this one is bad… For instance, our diseases, are they a compliment or impediment to our growth? And similar experiences?

My beloved son, your growth only starts on this material and bottom plane. Thus you must not evaluate what is growth and what is not to you from your own personal vantage point for in this case you shall always be mistaken while drawing conclusions from a fragment of a very circumscribed moment of time.

You must look upon the development of all the creation from My vantage-point. And you do know that even the universes do change, so that what has been considered to be important on one level at one particular moment the next moment it turns into a new quality on a different level. That is why you must not consider that your bad experiences are bad at all since they are nothing but experiences. But your mind evaluates them taking into account your physical, moral, and cultural standards.

Thus you must be certain that the way you establish your personal living link with Me that way you shall begin to experience a living pulsation of my vibrations within you and that pulsation of living vibrations shall take you to the circumstances to act. And while acting you shall experience a strong resolution in the truth you have perceived and in the love you are experiencing so that even a pitch-black mud shall turn into a shining and glimmering white cotton bud. And that you shall really experience because I have no other vibrations but LOVE and BEAUTY. Thus your vision shall be transformed thru your growth with Me and in Me, and feeling Me within yourself that much, and elevated that high, that you shall not experience anything bad to your own spiritual personality. And even the material body shall manage to endure such tests that otherwise it would have given in long before. And that is your growth in Love and Mercy.

Question: My beloved Father, should I understand that with you I shall not experience any bad consequence, any bad emotion?

Yes, my beloved son, with Me, you cannot experience any bad experiences. Even though what you might consider as bad experiences that is considered as such by you human mind and to your human ego. But once you begin to associate with Me more and more your human ego is being overlapped by your divine ego received from Me thru My Thought Adjuster and your soul. And you stop considering these same experiences as bad any more. And you stop caring for your own self and instead you convert your own evaluation system into that of Mine.

Your view even on the most complicated situation acquires a very simple approach that is not simplistic at all. Since your personality is getting more and more of a resemblance to Me the method to handle any situation is also Mine received thru your Thought Adjuster, my fragment within you. And this includes no other traits but your love vibrations. That is why even in the most complicated situation My love shall open up to your mind a very clear and simple decision to be implemented right away.

And in this simplicity you shall grow for without this real and personal growth you could have acted in very sophisticated ways paying attention not to the solution of the problem but to solving it in the best way that you mind can handle. It would have been nothing but natural to look for the most sophisticated solutions rather than for the most simple.

Thus growth lies also in simplicity for I do always stress that perfection lies in simplicity and clarity. This is my method to develop you in the most clear and simple way to your perfection as my son even in dealing with complicated problems.

Growth is the ability of your character to remain loyal and faithful to Me in your soul. This is the biggest growth since you must strengthen your communion with Me and serve Me and the creation, which is equally Mine as it is yours. And it is in the service that your personal loyalty to Me is forged. Thus it is the test of your love for Me in action that makes up your faithfulness resulting in your personal growth.

Question: My beloved Father, can we compare the growth of one person with that of another, or ours? Is it recommended to compare one’s growth at all?

My beloved son, no comparison is possible because you do not know either the motives of any action of any other person or inner strivings for one’s better self, and even the actualized one’s better self as against that one in the past. Thus any comparison is useless and cannot give you any objective information on one’s growth. You must focus your personal attention on your personal relationship with Me so that this relationship shall guarantee you your personal growth.

While comparing your own self in the present and in the past you might feel your changes but you shall not be able to evaluate either the rate of your growth or even your desire to grow since you cannot recall all the details from your past. That is why while recalling your past you would rather focus on the present and look into your desire to grow into your future self without any assessment of the process but rather enjoying the very process of your change in the character. This shall give you satisfaction without feeling any frustration over a small or insignificant change instead of the grand and expected one.

Today, you are too weak to evaluate your own strides that you always hoping to be faster and bigger. Meanwhile your growth consists not of your pace tempo but of your sincere desire to be more and more as I am. This makes your projection into the future thru the actual relationship with Me at the present moment.

Thank you, our beloved Father, for your responses that once again stress the point in keeping permanent communion with you. I love you, Father…