Seraphin Message 504:

Through Rosie, 22nd September 2022

Dearly Beloveds on earth who are going through all sorts of turmoil, whether “outer” or “inner”, and as you might surmise, these are intimately related and cannot be disconnected from each other. It is impossible to say, therefore, that something has nothing to do with you, because it inevitably does. It is impossible to say that you have no responsibility, for you all contribute. And as we have so often said before, recognition of this brings you into the realisation that you have the power to change it all.

That may sound like a strong statement in face of the fact that this “all”, this “everything, is extremely overwhelming and never in your wildest imagination could you conjure up such a dreadful scenario. Yet millions who think this way – that their thoughts and actions have little effect – actually allow crises to happen.

In face of overwhelming situations, it seems the norm on your planet to turn away, or to postpone looking at it in detail. It is like queuing up for something unpleasant and being happy to be at the end of a very long line. You think that one day, you might move forward, inch by inch, but you think that you will probably be dead before you actually reach the front of the line and when you are confronted by the FULL VIEW OF YOUR COLLECTIVE CREATION in its entirety. Still, you lurk in the shadows, trying to retire, trying to busy yourselves with charities or hobbies or submerging yourselves completely in your work or in harmful substances such as drugs and drink.

We would like to warn you that the queue of people in front of you is being processed at an extremely rapid rate, and soon you will be at the front of the queue, presented with the full view. You will be called to reckoning. You will not be able to ignore anything anymore. You will not be able to plead ignorance. This will be very hard. Only the most humble and the most adaptable and the most genuinely motivated will survive.

With “the end of the line” we are also referring to the end of certain constructs in your society, and the end of certain destructive thought patterns. Much has already ended, in fact without your particular attention. This includes species of animal and fauna which have been placed on your planet with ultimate care. You have trampled on earth’s skin and destroyed a good many of her treasures, and this will stop as you take on full responsibility.

The “silver lining” to all this is the learning process which you will take with you. This is as inevitable as the sun eventually coming out again after a severe storm. You are now in the “eye” of the storm, with no clear view, but that will change rapidly.

To all those who strive to do “good” and who regard the devastating circumstances on planet earth with a critical eye, attempting to discern how it came to be this way, know that your slavery is about to end also. We would like to encourage you and embrace you as you launch into this new adventure, forming a new and better world for all humanity. Seraphin

THE COMPLETE SERAPHIN MESSAGES (6 volumes) will help all readers to navigate these difficult times, easing their passage when old structures / world views / beliefs fall, and when new priorities ensue.