Seraphin Message 498:


Through Rosie, 18th July 2022

Patience, beloved impatient colleagues of mine, is a vastly underestimated achievement, especially if continually practiced, yet it is this that you must master. To plunge ahead in a cloud of euphoria or a burst of anger which is not tempered by an attitude of calm or punctured by a deep breath of contemplation of the ultimate consequences of one’s action, is to be swept away by one’s own emotion, by one’s own frustration, by one’s own erroneous belief that if you do not act now, everything will turn for the worst. What you must remember in this is that you are not the sole protagonist. Your actions count, but you must see yourselves part of the whole, in order to heal the whole.

I have used the word “colleagues” here because you have some inkling of what your role is here, which is to help humanity, and that is what these messages are primarily about. Thus, we are on the same “wavelength”, as it were, with the same ultimate goal of uplifting the planet and her population out of the misery which has individually and collectively been created, with or without specific knowledge of same. We are not trying to attribute blame here; just stating a fact. Not all your problems have been caused by outward agents of evil; humanity “at large” has played her role of succumbing to evil measures, of complying with unfair or ridiculous regulations, and of resigning themselves to less than perfect behavior and a less than perfect way of life.

In view of all this – and we know that you are aware of a great deal of these intricacies and deceptions and misconduct – it is not possible to forge ahead and force people to open their eyes, or to take on the system singlehanded. Patience is required to be able to clearly see where and when one is able to plant a seed of illumination on fertile ground, or when an offer of resistance will actually have a positive effect, rather than rousing others to walk into the “lion’s mouth”.

This is indeed a difficult and continuous learning experience for you – the exercise of patience and precise timing and calculated gestures. But it is also excellent training. Do not imagine that after the planet has come to a standstill, that the situation will be so very different as far as being patient is concerned. While much more clarity will be present, the trauma of “How could I have been so wrong?” or “How could I fail to see this?” or “How can I face others after what I have done?” is going to slow many people down and cause a great deal of depression and again, standstill. They may be so weighted down that they will be unable to act, like a severe “burnout”. Your utmost patience will again be required to find the right worlds, the right time and the right place to issue your words of encouragement – while all the time appraising whether they can “take” your suggestions and move on.

Moving on and letting go – intricately related to each other – are the next extremely big issues. Many people will not leave their familiar thought processes, their familiar habits, or their familiar surroundings easily. Many have a “habit” of continuing as they always have done, irrespective of whether this is actually harming them (substance abuse is a prime example of this). We will quote a very small example from the experiences of this scribe. Due to heating costs, and due to extremely hot weather, she has turned off the hot water in her home, benefitting, as it were, from cold water therapy. It is her habit to turn the water on for a shower and to wait a bit until it reaches the right temperature. Now that the water in the tank is not heated, it will never reach a different temperature, but she still lets the water trickle through her fingers to test it, as she has always done. Even though she has realised this, she still catches herself doing it. Imagine this on a huge and global scale: your habits have often been your downfall, and it may initially prove very difficult to change them, even in face of the obvious facts that there is absolutely no point in it. Thus, you will need not only patience with others, but also patience with YOURSELVES.

We will end this piece by saying that patience is ALWAYS REQUIRED, whether you are in a difficult period of chaos, as is now the case, or whether you are in a “mopping up” period after chaos has subsided. We wish you strength of mind and ultimate patience. Seraphin


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