Seraphin Message 494: THE LAWS NOT YET TAUGHT

Through Rosie, 30th May 2022

Dear Inhabitants of Earth who – by implementing your own standards and using your own capabilities – have erected a judicial structure which aims – on the surface of things at least – to “uphold law and order” and “keep the peace”.

Peace is not something to be kept: peace is something which is CREATED. It is the automatically ensuing “side-effect” of upholding strong morals and principles. This has nothing to do with religion (and much deliberate confusion has been sewn among you by subjecting you to strict religious codes while simultaneously suggesting that it is “cool” to indulge in “hippy cultures”, “free love”, “living to the full, and hedonistic lifestyles etc.).

Peace cannot be found in all of this. Peace has to do with the application of inner wisdom, acquired through life experience, the ability to “compromise” for the benefit of the whole, while still attending to one’s own needs. It also involves the application of continuous compassion while all the time keeping a sharp lookout for deviant tendencies – in oneself and others – which need to be “nipped in the bud”.

This is not the job of a police force who is usually called in at the last moment when someone reports an “emergency”. This is continuous watchfulness. This is an attitude which should ideally be demonstrated by each individual constantly.


What laws exist in your world? The majority are IMPOSED UPON YOU, AND YOU ACCEPT THEM WITHOUT QUESTION. Many rulings are guided by set “precedents” – meaning that the ruling of one particular case is taken as a base for all cases, irrespective of differences. This is the same as saying that because one cure has worked for one sick man, the same cure should be given to all sick men. Thus, there is very little “leeway” in your present systems. Basically, you are living in cages, – sometimes very “liberal” or pleasant or comfortable cages, but cages nevertheless.

What is not taught in your schools are the laws which NEVER CHANGE, whereas your governments and lawmakers are always attempting to introduce SOMETHING NEW, BECAUSE THE OLD LAWS OR REGULATIONS ARE FAILING, INEFFECTIVE OR OBSOLETE. In this, they would be completely correct: YOUR LAWS ARE FAILING AND OBSOLETE, BUT NO AMOUNT OF “PATCHING UP” IS GOING TO MAKE ANY CONSIDERABLE OR LONG-LASTING DIFFERENCE. A completely new system is required, with complete destruction of the old.

Cosmic laws, on the other hand, are permanent and withstanding. They always apply and always exist, even if they are ignored, ridiculed, suppressed or simply unknown. They will inevitably triumph in the end. You have a saying on earth stating that if a butterfly flaps its wings on one side of the world, it will cause a storm on the other side. This aptly illustrates the law of CAUSE AND EFFECT. Your every thought and action SET A WIND INTO MOTION. It does not simply “get lost” or “go unnoticed”, even if you are a hermit living in an unpopulated desert.

If some sort of pressure is exerted, then at some point, it will be TOO MUCH TO BEAR. The effect of too much pressure might be a nervous breakdown, a burst balloon, a river bursting it banks or a tornado. This process seeps into every area of life. Put too much pressure on a person, or on a poorly constructed building, and they will crumble. AND YOU WILL CRUMBLE WITH THEM, DUE TO THE COSMIC LAW OF ONE, which states that everything affects everything.

The law of one means that you will personally feel the rebounding effects of everything which you (and others) put into motion. To put this simply; you all live on one planet, and the vibes you send out – of whatever quality – will return to you BECAUSE IT HAS NOWHERE ELSE TO GO. THERE IS NO “SOMEWHERE ELSE”: EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED IN THE ONE (AND THIS INCLUDES ALL THE “SPACE” AND THE UNIVERSES YOU PERCEIVE IN YOUR SKIES. This also includes all those universes which you cannot perceive with your eyes).

The LAW OF BALANCE which we referred to in the last message is often responsible for bringing on a new cycle. If a boat is too heavy, it will capsize. If lies grow and become too blatant, they will become exposed. If the human race becomes too belligerent, self-destruction is pre-destined. If balance is overturned, such as the balance of nature, you will perish.

Needless to say that you, as a global population, are at this point, and no amount of copious or well-meaning laws will be able to remedy the loss at this stage. The only way to “save the planet” is through changing your own behavior so that it is completely in alignment with universal cosmic law. Seraphin

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