The Importance of Surrender

Seraphin Message 463:

Through Rosie, 30th September 2021

It is time to pay very careful attention, beloved Inhabitants of Earth. We have often said that your world will turn “upside down”, and thus it goes without saying that the various concepts you cherish, as well as various usages of diverse terms which you favor, will be shattered or shown to mean something completely different from what you actually thought. One such term is the word SURRENDER.

What is surrender? Surrender is not defeat, but chosen alignment with the Divine. For many on earth, to surrender means to be weak, to give in, to stop fighting, to surrender to the enemy. It is, in your minds, a shameful and sinful necessity, during which one sacrifices one’s ideals, loyalties, and convictions. This is the connotation you carry after centuries of warring and forcing each other to your knees, and much worse. In the past, those who were forced to surrender were subjected to every kind of violence, rape, and death. It was a progression, on your earth plane, when prisoners were not shot or eaten, but taken away as slaves. That this was actually a progression in your behavior shows you how long and tedious your progress has been over the ages, and indeed, it is not over yet, as wars still spawn across earth’s soil at an alarming rate today.

Thus, you are convinced that surrendering is a BAD THING during which you are stripped of all dignity, honor, and freedom. YET IT IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE. We are not talking here about taking part in warfare and having to put down arms. We are talking about RECOGNISING ULTIMATE WISDOM AND ALIGNING ONESELF WITH THAT WISDOM IN ORDER TO BETTER SERVE HUMANITY. And as part of humanity yourselves, you will of course also benefit.

Does this sound like SACRIFICE? Like giving something up? Like no longer being able to do what you want? In a way, this is true, yet the baubles and petty entertainments you cling to are vastly inferior to the joys you will experience when you embrace surrender to divine wisdom and cosmic law. Your previous pastimes will appear to you like lusterless baubles on a tree in comparison with the rich and deep encounters which are a result of such alignment. You will, in effect, live in continuous joy, instead of navigating the “ups and downs” of a directionless existence.

We would like to expand more on the word “direction”. If you know 100 percent that the direction you are following will have a pleasant and successful outcome, why would you not follow it or “succumb” or “surrender” to it? Following cosmic law is following a DIVINE DIRECTION. It cannot fail. There are no disappointments (What you give, you receive, as being one example of unfailing cosmic law). Similarly, there are no loopholes or exceptions, and it is not possible to simply take a deviation or wander off the path, for this will put your future experiences in jeopardy. Quite simply, you have the choice whether to move in a worthy direction, or whether to wander haphazardly, drifting with a feeling of hopelessness.

Have you ever experienced true surrender, Beloveds? There are some states of being which may give you an idea of what true surrender feels like. The first is floating in water. The water represents nature loving you, moving without hesitation into every crevice, filling every space between your toes and fingers, seeping into every pore. It does not ask questions. It does not make demands. It does not sign a contract with you. It just flows, and it carries you on buoyant waves. It is possible to float in a completely relaxed position, releasing all, feeling weightless. You are not on the lookout for drops of water which might hurt you, exploit you, demand your attention, or cause you stress. You are simply accepting nature’s love.

The second state of being is the moment before you fall asleep. You (hopefully) have had enough to eat, your physical needs have been taken care of, you lie in a warm bed, you (hopefully) feel calm and full of gratitude, you stop talking and you SURRENDER YOURSELF TO SLEEP. This you do on a daily basis, Beloveds, yet this state of being is also required of you during the day. We will name some examples.

SURRENDER IS REQUIRED IF YOU ARE GOING TO LEARN, and we can say that there is so much that you will have to learn on this planet because you are very backward in your level of spirituality. It is absolutely NECESSARY that you recognize your IGNORANCE and that you SUCCUMB TO THE WISDOM OF THE ELDERS AND TEACHERS WHO WILL APPEAR BEFORE YOU. This requires you to dismiss the ego. This requires you also to dismiss all feelings of shame at past mistakes. This requires you to get over the feeling of “losing face”. Especially – but not only – in the eastern hemispheres of your world, this is a major problem. To pretend to know, when one does not, is a major flaw. To be full of bravado, when one is not, is another major flaw. To admit that one has much to learn is a major virtue. To be eager to know the truth will spur you on to discover those principles and qualities which – if adhered to by all – will transform your global society.

SURRENDER IS REQUIRED IF YOU ARE GOING TO WORK TOGETHER. There can be no more statements of “I am better than you”. There can be no more battles to climb ladders independently, elbowing others out of the way. It will be your mandate to pool intelligence and ideas to produce the very best result. This will often mean holding your tongue and letting another speak. This will mean developing patience. This will mean listening to experts as they offer advice. This also means that whatever the project, or whatever the organization, it must SURRENDER TO A DIVINE CAUSE. It cannot simply exist for the fun of it, for making the most money possible, or for exploiting earth’s resources in order to produce cheap and unnecessary goods. It must have a mission, and all persons involved in this mission must have the mission at heart as opposed to self-interest. Self-interest is secondary.

SURRENDER is required FOR PERFECT BALANCE AND CONTINUOUS JOY. Conjure up, if you will, the image of two children on a seesaw. If they are both going to enjoy the ride, then there must be regular and rhythmic give and take, a regular exchange of energy, a regular pulsing of opposites, a continuous alternation between giving a boost and surrendering to the boost that the other person provides.

SURRENDER IS REQUIRED FOR LASTING PEACE BETWEEN INDIVIDUALS and NATIONS. To continuously rehash old complaints, debts, or “chips on one’s shoulder” (and you are always at least 50% responsible anyway), is to constantly bring the pot to the boil and to make one’s counterpart constantly rise in defense. The solution to this is working on oneself, realizing how one’s own negative behavior contributed to these issues. This involves FORGIVING ONESELF AND OTHERS. This means SURRENDERING ONE’S SUPPOSED RIGHT TO COMPLAIN. It involves CHOOSING TO SURRENDER IN FAVOUR OF THE GREATER HARMONY OF THE WHOLE, RATHER THAN CHOOSING TO PROMULGATE CONFLICT. Again, this does not mean ignoring or glossing over unpleasant realities. It means releasing old behavioral patterns which ultimately do not serve you personally, or your society, or your nation.

SURRENDER IS REQUIRED TO NURTURE THE HEALTH OF YOUR HOSTESS, THE EARTH. Without this, you will not survive. You will have to surrender your squandering lifestyles, your “I couldn’t care less” attitudes, and your inattention to environmental matters and sustainability.

SURRENDER IS REQUIRED IN ALL RELATIONSHIPS AND ALL COUPLINGS. Regarding men and women, they are unique and uniquely different. They cannot vie. Neither can either “win”. No man or woman can EVER be better than their partner or put themselves above their partner, if they intend the relationship to be a success. Their decisions will always be for the good of themselves as a couple, as opposed to themselves as an individual. And as a couple, they will also have a mission which they will personally define, and which will not be restricted to selfish aims. This does not mean sacrificing certain interests or skills. It means using those skills to achieve something wonderful together which will benefit others, and which will manifest a way of relating to each other which others can emulate. You will be role models for each other, in whatever combination, in whatever working relationship. If this degree of surrender of a purely personal direction is accomplished, there will be a massive synergy effect which cannot be achieved by one person alone, and which is way beyond imagination.

The classic example of this is the conductor and an orchestra. All the musicians are professional, capable of playing as soloists, and every instrument is different, with various timbres and tones, YET THEY ALL FOLLOW THE SAME SCRIPT, THEY ALL LISTEN TO EACH OTHER INTENTLY, AND THEY ALL SURRENDER IN ORDER TO PRODUCE A HARMONIOUS WHOLE. A musician or a singer in a choir must always hold back, perform when it is their turn, and attune themselves to their fellow musicians. If someone “turns rogue” and fails to do this, the whole piece of music is ruined. With this, we wish to emphasize the unique playing potential of every individual in creating a new and harmonious society on earth. If you have not already done so, you will realize that this sort of new direction is sorely needed.

Rather than being a burden, SURRENDERING IS LIBERATING. It is not just one person – you – who are asked to surrender, but EVERYONE. This means that the playing field is leveled. There may still be leaders and organizers and conductors, but there is mutual respect. This means the end of harassment, bullying, exploitation, and arrogance. To surrender is to further spiritual principles, to support the spiritual life (which we have mentioned in an earlier message), and to gloriously co-create a future pervaded by a feeling of equality and love.

And here we come to the crux of the matter. SURRENDERING IS DEMONSTRATING LOVE – love for something greater than yourselves. It is giving up the old and striving for a better path. It is knowing that every step taken carefully will contribute to a wonderful solution. Surrendering one’s own crusted, irrelevant and twisted viewpoint, and viewing everything from a neutral position, will open up vistas of potential.

For many, this will not be easy. You will have to surrender your erroneous views, your erroneous religious convictions, your debilitating ideas about life and death, your corrupted senses of identity, and your inaccurate history. All will fall. What will you do then, Beloveds? Will you wail and flail around with your hands, lamenting that the nightmare has come to an end? Will you be able to let it go? Will you even be able to recognize that it was a nightmare, and that momentous changes need to be made?

When all this has fallen, you may feel desolate. You may feel empty, but it is in this very moment of emptiness and surrender which enables you to be filled by love, and this is the essential element which should guide your steps in the future. You will SURRENDER TO THE WORDS OF YOUR HEART. You will learn to align yourselves with the heart. You will succumb to her advice. You will let her take the lead. And thus you will jointly flood your world with loving-kindness. All actions which do not fit into this category will no longer be tolerated.

We hope that we have given you some insight into the importance of surrender. Without it, you will remain dishonest, instable, backward individuals and nations who run the risk of repeating the dreadful experience you are now having. This will no longer be permitted by the celestial hierarchy which observes you and which will, when the time comes, openly guide you.

Our work here is also characterised by surrender. It is our personal will to uplift and enlighten you wayward ones on planet earth, and while there are cozier and pleasanter jobs to be had, we choose to enter into this scenario because love prompts us to do so. Seraphin.

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