Become Aware of My Nearness

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Urantia, April 4, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Become Aware of My Nearness.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “My child, draw near to Me, so the cravings of your soul shall be satisfied. You need to come to Me first to become aware of My nearness.

“I know your innermost feelings, your struggles, your disappointments and your heartaches. Yet, these are also designed to bring you closer to Me.

“The human mind still rebels due to the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion, which taught self-rule, and humankind hates to give this up, rather than doing the Will of God.

“Self-rule in body, mind and spirit works only when true self-mastery has been achieved through self-discipline. Mastery of the ego is needed since ego means: ‘easing God out’. This was Lucifer’s rule.

“Emotions need to be covered, and weaknesses need to be administered to, much like any addiction.

“Consider the wisdom of this, and you will find many areas in which you can improve. Realize too, that honest and sincere self-examination are required to reach for hidden negatives, and bring these to your awareness.

“The Light of the Father that I am, will always show you the way to a greater harmony and balance.

“Always turn to Me, for My nearness encourages and strengthens you. I am with you in all your struggles, and the more often you come to Me, the sooner you will feel My nearness.

“I am your Guide, My child and I will never hand you more than you can bear.

“For I love you.”

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